River Review- when spirits touch

  • Below are two reviews on when spirits touch (Charles Martin & River Urke)

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    Review by William Gaylord

    The compilation begins with the foreword “when spirit touch, magic is born” – true words. The poetry book leaves a footprint in your heart, settles in lightly and treading deeply, flowing in sentences that somehow gets stuck in your soul.

    I read it and could visualize and feel what I read, as it came alive. It takes you from the place you are at and transports you to a place different, yet familiar – a spiritual realm so to speak.

    What makes this book even more extraordinary is the fact that this came from the minds, hearts and souls of two very different people, not ever meeting but finding a sole purpose – to make words come alive and take flight to the readers who has the privilege reading this.

    I can promise you that you will find a favorite, a lasting poem or thought that will be provocative, that will reach your inner being and that will linger there, silently, although the words resound in your head and heart.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the flow of words, the captivating sentences and with the photography which in itself, transcends into a picturesque caption (completing the thought)

    Those who can put this book down, feeling nothing did not open their soul to the wonder of words.

    Those who leave with a thought or two will enter the next moment of their lives, renewed and with a different perspective.

    Reality and metaphoric imaging maps the path to something wondrous; leaving you wanting for more. Wisdom woven in sinuous lines; complete a poetic tapestry.

    If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read this book, do so without haste. For in that moment of reading, you will quench the thirst for love and hope in a broken world.

    Old world and new beginnings combined.

    I thoroughly endorse this poetry book and I proudly give it my stamp of approval.

    Magic indeed happened….


    review by Lilana Negoi

    A little while ago, I had the utmost pleasure of reading the poems included in the volume “When spirits touch”, authored by River Urke and Charles Martin.

    What struck me about them first of all was the fact that, despite them being written by two different poets, there was no point whatsoever in any of the texts that would betray a multiple authorship. Each of them has such a beautiful unity, and the blending of the two voices is so tightly done, that any reader unacquainted with the duality of the creating act could simply assume the existence of a single author.

    Beyond the excellent manner in which River and Charles entwine their writing and adapt to each other’s style, there’s also the generous dose of sensibility and wits that each of the two of them has poured in the penned works. It’s not only the two authors’ spirits that touch in the process of birthing this exquisite poetry collection, but also the readers’ spirits that are touched when reading the outcome of their interaction – each poem is simply a spark of talent from the burning torch that is River and Charles’ duo.

    To me, as well as to all its readers, “When spirits touch” is a call for awareness, a plea for opening our eyes and seeing the world around us, the reality unfolding. It’s poetry and humanity and soul altogether, and it’s worth not only reading, but also experiencing and feeling.

    **Voices of Poets The poetry reading of the new book when spirits touchwritten by Charles Martin and River Urke. Poetry is read by Charles, River, and a handful of their special guests.

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