DuK- Illuminating Tips for Great Lighting Design

by Greg Weston

Light has the ability to transform us. In addition to providing illumination, the simple act of flipping a switch can create excitement, joy, or a sense of calm. Whether it’s for home, office or hospitality, proper lighting plays the important role of serving a purpose and creating a mood. But one without the other can spell trouble. Below we’ll shed some light on how you can make the right lighting design decisions.

Consider Your Fixtures: Fixtures lend to a lighting scheme’s overall ambiance. Think about the look and feel you hope to convey. Barn lights and Corona lighting can provide a traditional feel to a space, making it feel comfortable and inviting while the grandeur and glitter of a chandelier expresses formality, sophistication and elegance.

Consider Your Audience: A restaurant may want to offer its patrons a feeling of romance, but without sufficient illumination, guests may find it difficult to read the menu. And while a spa may hope to create a tranquil lighting scheme, employees who must make appointments, provide services and fill out paperwork will need practical light sources to carry out their duties.

Consider Your Room: Think about your needs in areas that need illumination for safety and productivity. The brightness of bulbs used in office and kitchen lighting is going to be very different compared to the soft, calm glow of a bedroom lamp. Keep in mind that possible future room renovations typically require lighting renovations as well.

Consider Your Color: When creating a mood, the color cast by your lighting is also an important factor to take into account. Lighting experts, interior designers and architects refer to the Color Rendering Index or (CRI). Knowing a bulb or light source’s ability to show colors in a realistic manner can give your space just the right feel. An optimal CRI value of 100 indicates lighting with the most natural cast. The cool light emanating from an incandescent light has a CRI value of 95 while a fluorescent bulb’s harsh, unnatural cast results in a much lower CRI value of about 62. As with lighting, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional plumbing company for any kind of plumbing changes you may want to make to keep in line with your new lighting design.

Lighting design is a careful blend of art and science. The choices in bulbs, fixtures, their placement – and their price – may initially seem overwhelming, but with help you can create a lighting scheme that’s right for your project. By consulting with designers and architects you’ll be able to determine the most beautiful and cost effective ways of utilizing ambient and artificial light and creating the perfect mix of feel and function for your space.

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