Artful Thought Project- ATP

ly_proj_312766-002 The Artful Thought Project

Dedicated to Encouraging the Imaginations of our Youth

A project to foster and help strengthen the imaginations of our youth through creative activities integrated with poetry and art. The Artful Thought Project is overseen and published on The River Muse by Twowolvz Press.

The Artful Thought Project

Our children are growing up in a  fast paced world of technology where multitudes of information flashes by as they click away. They are developing in this life learning to expect instant gratification. Their minds are being trained for the quick response causing a resistance to contemplation. Their imaginations are falling behind at a time many people have lost site of the importance the arts play in development.  Our children deserve the best tools at hand to help guide them to reach their potential. The Artful Thought Project nurtures the imaginations of our youth from five to seventeen years old through hands on usage of these missing tools.

How does it Work?

The Artful Thought Project is designed as a lesson plan. The project involves at least two creative tools within three activities. The first activity, draws on their comprehension and contemplative skills through poetry. The second activity stimulates their imaginations as they use the creative tools for writing. The third activity engages them in art continuing to stimulate their imaginations as they create. The art will primarily be painting, craft, and photography. A large group has the option to hold a poetry reading as there form of expression. The goal of the project is that a child or teen will engage in an activity with his/her active imagination and will use deductive reasoning and other creative skills in completing the project. At the end of the project a child or teen will have created two pieces of work that will be published in The River Muse.


Who can Conduct an The Artful Thought Project

The Artful Thought Project can be conducted by anyone around the globe with two or more willing children or teens from families to neighborhoods, and even schools.. There is no experience needed.

The Artful Thought Project- Locally

In 2012, Twowolvz Press in cooperation with the Stillwater Junior High began a poetry club afterschool for 7th and 8th graders as a pilot program.  The poetry club was to hold an The Artful Thought Project to be published in a special issue of The River Muse. The club ran out of time and will continue the project next school year.  


The Future for The Artful Thought Project

The goal of Twowolvz Press is to continue the Poetry Club at Stillwater Junior High and finish The Artful Thought Project. In addition, Twowolvz Press will keep searching for other avenues in the local community to foster our youths imaginations.


Bring it to school or into your community.

please contact River at
for details in joining the fight for imagination.

We will be publishing the projects as they happen.


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