Contests~Dare Ya

Contests for Poets and Artists
by The River Muse and Twowolvz Press

For PoetsFall (October) – chapbook- poetry contest

Winter (January) -poetry contest

Spring (May) — poetry contest

For Artists-
Cover Contests                 March  and August

The River Muse was founded by a poet and is currently run by poets. It publishes poetry and holds contests for poetry. A journal of poets inside and out. The River Muse strives to provide a platform for the new and the already known poetic voices from around the world.

Every Issue we publish ten to fifteen poets** and we host poetry contests throughout the year that challenge the creative spirit of a poet.The challenge is to write a poem to a prompt in four days. The prompts vary from photo to video. The Reading Fee is $5 per entry (up to 3 poems.) The prizes include a feature on The River Muse website, the winning poem published in the next issue, 20% of the pool, a copy of our next issue, and the special guest judge for the next contest.

The standard rules 1) respect for fellow writers and The River Muse 2) Like The River Muse Page on Facebook or subscribe to The River Muse. All other rules are listed on individual contests. If contest rules are not followed the individual will not be considered for entry in the contest.

*fee covers administrative costs and prizes

** beginning Fall 2013


3 thoughts on “Contests~Dare Ya

  1. Always have a special feeling when thinking of The River and the contests. The Poetry Slam of December 30, 2011 was the first time I entered a contest, let alone read one of my poems to be heard by an audience. I was surprised to begin having followers after winning. I look forward to each issue and hope that others enjoy the writing as much as I do. Charles ‘Gray Poet’ Townsend

    • Thank you Charles. That was something else that contest. Your story should be heard……… ideas are ticking and clicking. I will get a hold of you. 🙂

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