Submission Guidelines

Open for Submissions in Poetry, Creative Writings, Photography, and Art

Open Submissions for Spring/Summer Issue

The River Muse is spreading her waters to print beginning in the fall 2013. We will be publishing  two print/kindle Issues a year of poetry, photography, and/or art. The number of poets we publish per issue will rise to 10-14 poems and one featured poet. We will Feature a photographer and/or artist too. Our features entail an up close interview. In addition, online we will have a poet of the week with or without an audio recording. Lots of reasons to submit.

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 *Guidelines for all Submissions *

  1. The River Muse is a journal of poetry and art. Our goal is to encourage and foster the imaginations of the youth and the artistic and literary efforts of artists and writers locally and worldwide through publication, contests, and projects. We provide a platform for the emerging and already known poets and artists by showcasing their work in an open and fair publication.
  2. Beginning in the fall of 2013, the journal will be available in print or through Kindle.  We will be increasing the number of poets we publish. In addition, each issue will continue to feature a poet, photographer, and artist.
  3. Contributor Rights ~ Our policy is the general copyright law that states that your work is yours. We ask if you can wait to publish your work until three days after we publish.
  4. ** Submissions are open for the fall/winter Issue from March to August  and for the Spring/Summer issue from September to February.
  5. Please be aware that submission of work, does not guarantee that it will be featured in The River Muse, but that it will be considered.
  6. Those who submit their work will be notified that it has been received. If your work is selected for publication you will be notified a second time.
  7. Please note: *The River Muse has the rights to edit the bio for the usage of the featured poet or artist.*

*** There are submission guidelines to follow for each category.*****

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