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River Urke aka Ziibi
River is the founder, Senior Editor, designer, and one of the writers of The River Muse. She lives along the St CroixValley in Minnesota with her daughter Willow, her boyfriend Tommy, and all their pets. River has the heart of a poet and the eyes of an artist. Her poetic writings and artistic touches reflect her Ojibwe and Celtic heritages along with the ponderings of a thirty something American woman.
Updates and information about the varied works by River including her artwork and published work can be found on her website.

Contact River at: editor@therivermuse.com
Twitter:@ziibi _river

Michael Dickel is the Creative Writing Editor for The River Muse. He is a poet, fiction writer, essayist, photographer, and digital artist, lived most of his life in the Midwest of the US, where he was born and raised. Five years ago, he moved to (West) Jerusalem, Israel. Dickel co-edited Voices Israel Volume 36 (2010). His most recent book


contact Michael at: cw@therivermuse.com

Sheila Moore is the Photography Editor for The River Muse. Her poetry and photography is published in several print anthologies, most recently Signal From Static, Brush Strokes and Ink Spots: The First Year, and Thoughts That Breathe, and online journals such as Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review.

In 2011, Sheila self-published a poetry chapbook entitled Shaping Time (in 2012, she published Shaping Time?s second edition.) Sheila has written for Writer?s Digest and dVerse Poets Pub, and currently writes for and serves as the Photography Editor of The River Muse.
contact Sheila at: photo@therivermuse.com

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William Gaylord – Set in the old world romance realm with a twist of dark satirical breezes (sometimes whirlwinds) William Gaylord, loves to create the visual canvas called poetry in life?..A new addition is his blog called William G?s Rhapsody.
Married to the love of his life, Jenny Lessing Wiggins, a poetess in own right, they are living the dream that few people in life has the opportunity to encounter.
Meet the satirical poet :
Doug Petersen is a writer for The River Muse.
Occaasionally, we have guestwriters that are experts of a subject or a person that has a story to tell from their words.

Every issue we featrure a poet with interview and publish the poem of one other.

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River Urke aka ziibi is the sole publisher of The River Muse. Her biography can be found at the top of the page.